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Blasting & Coating

Blasting & Marine Line CoatingSeaTec Repair Services provide various types of blasting and painting services including UHP (Ultra High Pressure) hydro blasting and more tradition grit and steel ball blasting. We blast & coat on deck and in tanks and cargo holds.

Our hydro blasting equipments are containerized and ATEX approved (suited to oil platform and tanker work). Other equipments are smaller and more compact. Having prepared the steel for coating to required parameters various coatings from standard epoxy paints to hard wearing glass flake coatings may be applied.

Coatings are applied in accordance with paint manufacturer’s guidelines with all necessary criteria being met prior to commencement of coating and of course carefully complied with during the coating process.

All work is carried out progressively in service without interruption to the trading pattern of the vessel which ensures owners earnings maximized a healthy cash flow maintained.


Blasting & Marine Line Coating

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